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About SCRC

SC Risk Consulting is a discreet, professional risk and security consultancy, providing bespoke risk management advice, training and security advice services to our clients. With over 33 years of experience in law enforcement and the commercial sector, trust and professionalism are our watchwords.

Whether it is a request to design global security standards for serviced accommodation, assess risk and physical security in high-risk locations or deliver industry-leading travel risk management courses, SC Risk Consulting’s clients know that their requirements will be met on time, within their budgets and to highly exacting standards.

We pride ourselves on customer engagement and satisfaction, building lasting, productive relationships with clients and providing them with a one-stop shop for all their risk and security needs. Our network of partners and contacts throughout the world enable us to deliver our services internationally to our usual high standards. Our network not only includes former law enforcement and military experts, but also experts in transformational change, business resilience & continuity and cyber security.

So, whatever your requirements, please contact us and let us work with you to deliver a bespoke solution to your problem.

SC Risk Consulting’s depth of understanding of risk and risk management has been acquired through decades of experience dealing with complex human, cyber and physical threats and other hazards

Bob Quick

Executive Director and Founder
Global Secure Accreditation

SC Risk Consulting’s approach was always measured, thoughtful, calm and efficient; they had a deep understanding of the subject matter and the client’s needs

Adam Honor

Rose Partners

Travel Risk Management
Risk Management Meeting

Our Services

Risk Consulting

We provide realistic and proportionate advice on identifying and assessing risks to your organisation from outside threat actors and then providing bespoke solutions for managing those risks, through a range of risk mitigation measures.

SC Risk Consulting is also able to assess your current travel risk management capabilities against the guidance contained in the new ISO:31030 Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organisations. We will provide a detailed compliance report, identifying any areas where the guidance could provide benefit to your organisation, based on the size of your organisation and the nature of travel undertaken by your employees.

Security Consulting

Assessment of your organisation’s current security capabilities and provision of bespoke solutions where any gaps or deficiencies are identified. Our assessments cover strategy, policies, procedures, physical security, information security, cyber security, security management and security training.

SC Risk Consulting is also able to provide a discreet corporate investigation capability to help you quickly and independently resolve internal matters

Risk & Security Training

SC Risk Consulting are able to provide a range of training, from ‘available to all’ security and risk management courses to training designed specifically for your organisation.

We are able to undertake a full training needs analysis (TNA) on your organisation to identify what training should be delivered to which employees, in what format and when. The TNA allows us to provide you with the best tailor-made training packages for your employees.

Please see our Qualifications page for more details of our current ‘available to all’ security and risk management courses or get in contact with us to discuss your individual training requirements.

Training Courses

Coming Soon

SC Risk Consulting has designed and developed two exciting new travel risk management qualifications in partnership with Deltar Training Solutions and the Institute of Strategic Risk Management.

The advent of ISO:31030 Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organisations has been described as a ‘line in the sand’ for organisations and the business travel industry to become better at risk management. What better time then, for the industry to have their own OFQUAL regulated and accredited independent qualifications at Level 4 and Level 5, designed for both travel risk management team members and travel risk management programme managers.


SC Risk Consulting is part of a mutually supportive group of highly respected, multi-disciplinary consultancy companies, delivering services such as:

  • Business & IT Transformation
  • Cyber Security
  • Forensics
  • Business Continuity & Resilience
  • Strategic Risk Management Training
  • Travel Management Training

Being part of this group enables SC Risk Consulting to provide a range of solutions for our clients across their whole organisation.